Rules of conduct / terms of service

My apologies for the formalistic stuff here, but in case there are problems, we need some basis for judgements/actions. Members agree to the following points:
  • Membership on is a privilege, not a right. The webmaster can remove access because of disruptive behavior.
  • Members are only allowed to manipulate files in their own directory and will stay clear from other files, unless they have been specifically given permission.
  • The topics of religion and politics are not prohibited, but by their nature sensible. It's fine to explain your position, even in great detail, but proselytizing/campaigning is not welcome. Neither are commercial activities without permission of the webmaster.
  • Criticism of whatever is okay as long as it is done in a reasonably polite way. But no flames please, and no personal attacks on fellow Nanites.
  • The member is responsible for the content of his/her own page. This is especially relevant in regard to copyright.
  • The webmaster reserves the right to remove content that is illegal or offensive.
  • In case there's a shortage of webspace, the webmaster may ask veteran members or members with large pages to downsize their page or to relocate to a different place on the web. Members with little computer experience will be given preferential treatment.

    Finally, please behave responsible with your password. The current system is very low on security to keep cumbersome red tape to a minimum. If the system is abused, we may have to introduce stuff like changing personal passwords, which would be a pain in the butt for everyone.

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