FTP information

To upload the files to the Nanites server, you need a program called an FTP client. There are plenty of them, and you can use any of them. I'm using the freeware program WS_FTP95, and I'm quite happy with it. WS_FTP95 can be downloaded from a variety of places, including this one.

Once you've downloaded and installed your FTP client, you have to tell it to which place and how to connect by giving it the following parameters:
Host Name/address: ftp.nanites.com
Host Type: UNIX (standard)
User ID: blanche
After entering this info, you can connect to the server. During connection, the server will ask for the password that I will e-mail you. Enter it.

A typical FTP server will now show you one listing of files on the left side and another list of files on the right side of the screen. The list on the left side is on your local computer. Make sure that it points to the directory with the files that you want to upload; you may have to navigate a bit to get there. The list on the right side shows the contents on the server. It will at first show the main Nanites directory. Please go from there to your personal directory, which is one level below and has your name. (Many FTP clients allow you to save the directory settings, so that you don't need to do the navigation again and again. In WS_FTP, press Options, then Save Window locations).

Now transfer the files from your "local window" to the "server window", and you are done.

It is not strictly required but highly recommended that you give your main HTML file the name index.html.

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